Spiderman game has it enormous fan following among its fans. It is very much common among youngsters. Many kids like to watch Spiderman movies and want to play games. Like kids, it has gone popular among adults too.

Now here is good news for all the games maniacs and Spiderman die heart fans recently it has decided to announce to release of its latest part this fall 2023 on PlayStation 5. 

People have waited for a long for the sequel of the 2018 spider man will now come soon with exciting thrills of spider man 2 this fall announced by insomniac games.


According to the creative director of insomniac Bryan Intihar. He mentioned that 2022 is a successful year for their games, and next year spider man 2 will bring new excitement to their fan’s life.

There are some rumors that the game could be delayed till 2024 but the developer assured its fan it to release it in September 2023 on pS5. Continuing from the last part this story revolves around the lead characters peter parker and miles Morales and lastly his foe Venom who is the main villain in the spider-man franchise.

Until then some visuals have been rotating in the market which tell about the wonderful graphics and story of this game, so far the fan review is 9/10 on this. The trailer will launch soon and the main party will start afterward.


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