“I think game development is incredibly difficult overall. Creating open-world video games is incredibly difficult. Creating open-world Star Wars games is even more challenging.

The creative director of Massive Entertainment, Julian Gerighty, is game for a challenge. We are receiving a truly open-world Star Wars video game for the first time. After consecutive hits with The Division and The Division 2, Gerighty was finally ready to take a chance, though it had been a while coming.

He remarks, “I suppose this is maybe just my approach, but you have to do it even if it is scary.” You must take a stance with it. What is the drawback of proposing a Star Wars game to LucasFilm Games in George Lucas’s former office in San Francisco? In addition, Even if something does not work, you still gain that experience.

A few years after that meeting, Massive Entertainment is set to release Star Wars Outlaws in less than two months. This is a fully realized version of the original pitch that was discussed in that office, an open world with two goals: to preserve the cinematic legacy of the films and to create an immersive game that allows you to explore the entire galaxy.

I believe the reason an open-world Star Wars game has taken so long to release is because creating a game this complex is, pardon the pun, really difficult. This kind of game development is limited to a small number of studios worldwide, according to Lucasfilm’s head of franchise content and strategy, Steve Blank. The door is then open for Massive to approach us and express their interest in pursuing the kind of gameplay and game design they desire. We are considering this in terms of an archetype.

An Exploration Galaxy

Because you are viewing these locations from a new angle, maps of these worlds are not (at least not at first) overflowing with icons and points of interest, thus exploring them is highly recommended.

Karlson says, “Kay has not seen the galaxy; she does not know everything.” “Discovery is what provides you additional information. You will have a map the first time you visit Toshara, showing mountains over there and other things.”

Gerighty replies, “You are going to have to take some risks.” You will need to go to a cantina where you will be able to listen in on discussions and follow them to another area where a location in the open world will be revealed. You will then need to ride your speeder to that spot. Additionally, you will be able to dispel the fog of war, and that is really where your curiosity will further expand the possibilities.

The dimensions of each Outlaw’s realm differ. Massive’s recently formed moon Toshara is somewhat smaller than Tatooine’s enormous desert, but roughly the same size as Akiva’s rainforest planet.

Finding a balance between quantity and quality

In addition to the primary objectives, expert side tasks, and the central reputation system, Outlaws’ open environment offers a plethora of additional snackable activities. These include short-term activities like theft and smuggling, wagering on Canto Bight’s Fathier Racing, playing asteroid field arcade shooting games, and gambling in Sabacc (Star Wars poker). All of these activities add to your ever-expanding credit balance, which you can use to buy new gear and customization options for the Trailblazer, Kay, and her pet-like alien companion Nix.

But there is even more. Whether on Earth or in space, emergent occurrences happen all the time in the open environment. There will always be something going on every two or three minutes, be it an ambush, the empire apprehending some citizens, or an encounter with some criminal syndicates. And the decision to interact or not is all yours, Gerighty says.


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