Here we are going to review the game filled with action and humor. We have seen lots of RPG shooting games but if we talk about comedy + action then that’s the better combination to play a quality game.

Playing with the talking guns and shooting the dancing aliens will be more fun. It felt so nice to shoot them in the face.



If we start from the beginning, in this game from Justin Roiland, you can team up with talking guns, collect bounty coins from other galaxies, eliminate an alien cartel, and save Earth.

You’re fresh out of high school, have no ambition, and have no job until an alien cartel that wants to get high off humans comes to Earth. To become the most lethal intergalactic bounty hunter the universe has ever seen, you and a group of charismatic talking guns must now answer the hero’s call. In the most recent comedy adventure from Justin Roiland, go to a variety of biomes and locations throughout the universe, fight the evil Garmantuous and his gang of goons, collect loot, meet unique characters, and more!

Walk Through

Guns Are Your Friends

 To become the most lethal intergalactic bounty hunter the universe has ever seen, rescue people and team up with charismatic talking guns. Throughout your journey, you’ll get to know each weapon in a cool and normal way. Each weapon has its personality. During crucial moments, they will share their thoughts and perspectives, and the choices you make can change the story.

You’ll be able to explore a wide range of strange and dynamic worlds, including a jungle paradise, an asteroid-built city, the center of the universe, and more. Also, these aren’t one-way trips. Exciting Narrative Surprises, collectibles, and human survivors can all be found on revisited planets by hunters.

Do whatever you want with the law!

 As you pursue the evil Garmantuous (the Final boss of the game) and his band of alien thugs, make use of the distinctive abilities of each gun to take on a variety of criminals. Hunters are encouraged to pick the best gun for the job at hand, sizing up their foes, and switching weapons as needed. Just to be clear, each of these individuals has undergone extensive research. It’s awesome that you do this because they use people as drugs. Seriously.

Do Some Other Things:

In repayable Hunter Challenges, players can hone their skills and earn in-game resources to purchase upgrades and alien technology. Warp Bases can be used to reload your special ammo and bounty hunter suit, or even to face enemies if you’re feeling bloodthirsty. Get to know a lot of bizarre, fun, and clever, NPCs!


Our final review of high on life is here. Still, some thrill is mission out there. Experience with talking guns is really exciting, filled with full of humor and action but sometimes felt that humor is missing somewhere. Talking of action and fighting with the alien cartel is awesome. You can experience the fun of fighting with the alien cartel and the final boss garmantous. Rescue and partner with a talking gun which is your ally in this game and helps you to find your path in the whole game.


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