Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Elden Ring, indicated in his Game of the Year acceptance speech that additional Elden Ring content might be forthcoming.

At this year’s Game Awards, the massive RPG Elden Ring from FromSoftware was named Game of the Year. “As for Elden Ring, we have several more things we want to do,” said director Miyazaki as he accepted the award on stage.


FromSoftware has already released a new content expansion called Colosseum, which allows players to engage in PvP combat with one another. Elden Ring was released earlier this year. However, given that each FromSoftware SouldBorne game received a narrative expansion, many fans anticipate some kind of story DLC.

This incorporates the Dim Spirits set of three, as well as Bloodborne.

We are aware that FromSoftware is working on multiple projects, even though it is not clear what exactly Miyazaki has in store for Elden Ring. FromSoftware recently unveiled Armored Core 6: The next installment in the Armored Core series, Fires of Rubicon at The Game Awards, was released.

FromSoftware and Hayao Miyazaki’s well-earned win for Elden Ring for Game of the Year should be enough for fans to concentrate on.

During the Game of the Year acceptance speech, a stage crasher invaded the stage alongside Miyazaki and the FromSoftware team, presenting a completely different kind of surprise.


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