Several deadly animations have been seen in the awesome Callisto protocol video game which is the heart of the game. These horror animations are the coolest part of the game giving the user the horror experience of Callisto protocol.



After the recent news occurs in IGN daily fix, it is found that developers have created a skip button to skip the horror animations during the game.


The gruesome animations occurring in the games are also the coolest and most thrilling part of the game but due to these animations occurring the malfunctions in the game resulted in delays in the game. This also makes the performance of the game slower while playing on the pc. These animations have affected so much it has been slow down gaming performance. While the gaming experience has also been improvised as its timings have been improved just like switching weapons is faster than before and also skip button has now been introduced which is appreciable by the makers.

This is the initial measure that has been taken from the development team of Callisto protocol that they provided the skip option for the horror animations.


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