On August 1, 2024, Apple Arcade will add Vampire Survivors to its library at no additional cost. The game is also free of advertisements.

Apple revealed that Vampire Survivors+ would now come with both of the paid expansions for free. The full lack of advertisements is arguably what makes this version most enticing, however, giving it a leg up on the version of the gothic rogue-lite game already accessible on smartphones.

“Mow thousands of night creatures and survive till dawn in Vampire Survivors, a gothic horror game with rogue-lite features, where your choices can allow you to fast snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get hurled at you,” reads the official overview.

Vampire Survivors, which started as a modest independent game on Steam, quickly gained enormous popularity and became one of the biggest surprise hits of the past few years. The game’s developer, Poncle, quickly added layers of new material, bringing the total number of playable characters and weaponry to 50. That is before the two significant additions as well, so Apple Arcade will soon offer a ton of material for free. Until then, the service is available for $6.99 a month.

As Gamexta noted in its 7/10 review, “Vampire Survivors’ ingenious one-stick shooter idea may look exceedingly rudimentary at first, but if you give it a chance to dig its teeth into you, it might not let go for a while.”

In addition, on August 1st, Apple Arcade will launch Temple Run: Legends; on August 29th, Castle Crumble will launch.


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