Walking dead is full of horror thrillers and exciting terrifying adventures. As far as the horror VR experience is concerned you cannot sleep as easy you think. This is a world of horror post-apocalyptic series powered by New Orleans. The walking in 2020 which was full of horrific actions was a big hit. Now, it’s a sequel to Walking dead Saints & Sinners chapter 2 which is about zombie apocalypse all around the world.

This whole plot revolves around the Louisiana bayou who is a tourist and a survivor whose name is well known among the people for traveling all around. Like things before in the previous you can choose your desired character in the beginning. It’s your choice to play with a male or female actor voice character. More options like skin color also are chosen at the beginning of the game.

If speak of the action that has far better than the previous part and lots of things have been added in this version like aftershock effects and meat grinder which included several endgame missions that were greatly missed in the sequel, as well as an enjoyable wave survival mode. Here we have the additional new weapon chainsaw saw-off shotgun which is fun to wreak havoc with.


Now the main motto here is to survive. You have to fight against those walkers who are coming your way by killing them with your weapons. If we talk about walkers, they are amused by themselves and dangerous in groups. Any sharp weapon can be used to simply stab a walker in the head and kill it right away. At first, I thought this was a bug because there were times when the game didn’t recognize the kill. It turns out that the walker will still attempt to choke you even if you don’t stab them with enough force to penetrate their skull. Even though the streets were filled with undead, small details like this made the world seem more real to me.

There are times in this game when you’ll run into human enemies, and the AI looks like it hasn’t changed much from the first game. I noticed that the human AI does not always respond to environmental cues like doors being opened or closed and, in some cases, objects being thrown during my 17-hour playthrough. Although this wasn’t a problem all the time, it did make my time in New Orleans a little bit easier at times, but it wasn’t very immersive.

As I mentioned already about the upgrade of weapons here like shotguns, dual guns, and chainsaws. As it feels good to play with a chainsaw, we will have some horrific animations here which is the fun part of the game.  If we take our discussion a bit further we will move to explore other areas in the game by surviving the whole wave of zombies before the final boss.

Audio and Visuals

This game has fantastic ambient sounds. When visibility is low, hearing the screams of the dead as you walk through the streets can give you the creeps. The sound of jugs being broken because a walker pushed them over attempting to tear into you cause the game to feel like a living recalcitrant world. The cast did an excellent job of bringing these characters to life, and I also appreciated the voice acting in this one slightly more than in the original.

Well, some of the visuals are still not in complete mode, as there is some time now in release. In February this sequel is going to release let’s see what more we got there.


The sequel of walking dead, walking dead saints, and sinner’s chapter 2 have something that will be released in early 2023. Some visuals and actions are new here. We are going to explore some new areas with new weapons that are more likely to be fun here.

Still, there is a lot to say until it has not arrived in the markets. Since I want to say that this sequel will be more exciting than the old one. As already I enjoyed playing chapter 1 of saint and sinners. Now, the countdown for this sequel has already begun soon it will be launched on PlayStation VR and Pc.


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