Why worry about the future when your whole party waiting the enjoying sipping a cup of coffee? Start your journey with the leading characters in the world of draconia. If you are tired of boredom then you can start your life after chasing treasure haul and amaze your life with the adventure of draconia.


The story surrounds the two siblings who lived on the Viking boat. This story starts when the younger sister mia said to his brother Erik “sneak out and find sop, e treasure”, this is where their exciting journey starts, when the dragon quest leading character Erik goes with her sister mia on the trip to find the treasure. After when they find a flying pig and a talking cat they fall through the open portal into another dimension where they discovered the world of dragons call draconia. They are both transported into the world of draconia which is untamed land where dragons roam freely.


Entering the world of draconia

After they fell into the magic portal they found that dragons are in majority here who wandered openly. In Dragon Quest Treasures, which takes place in a world where the bodies of dead dragons have given birth to new landmasses, Erik and Mia, siblings, work together with a couple of adorable flying creatures to try to recover each of the Dragon Stones.

Building the most formidable treasure-hunting team in the land is the true objective of this game. Although the game will tell you that finding those stones is your main objective, it is easy to let them slide as you increase your war chest.

Recruiting is necessary to form a competent team. At the start of the game, you get a small team and take control of Mia as you look for Erik in this strange new world. But before you know it, you’ve established base camp at an abandoned train station and begun adding to your roster. Some monsters will request to join your team as you defeat them in the field. To pay for their fee, you will need to spend the materials you harvest to board them. The monster’s price will be higher the better it is.

While the Dragon Quest series has a large number of monsters to choose from, Treasures only has a small number of breeds of monsters, each of which is broken down into a few different types. Some of the creatures are new to the series, like the Marble Slime, a creature that lives in the desert, but I would have liked to have seen more of the history of this franchise represented here. Obviously, outside of aesthetics, the actual monster breeds and types are of little significance. The Forte and Favorite Treasures of each monster are what matter in Treasures.

Strengths are abilities beasts have to help you as you continued looking for treasure. You’ll be able to jump to high places, glide to the ground below, and sink underground to reach tight spaces, or race across the environment depending on the three monsters on your team. There’s likewise a Strong point that assists you with finding materials for making, however, I can’t recollect a second in my 45 hours of playing this game that I utilized that specific expertise.

You are that kind of treasure

Monsters prefer to like those treasures that you acquired from the lands of draconia. When you are returned to your base you will get your new treasure forecast. Through this, you will be able to locate the treasure in various areas. If any treasure matches with the treasure of the monster in your team then you will able to earn a high golden ratio. As higher it goes higher will be the valuables.

Over the heads of your monsters, as you travel through each of the five lands in the game, little gold chests will appear to indicate a valuable treasure location nearby. You can use your compass to create three images of the treasure’s location when you are in the right place. The clearer and more obvious those images will be, the higher your Golden Ratio. You will find the treasure that can be valued as soon as you return to your base camp by doing some quick digging. And that’s where the stress of a full-time job can set in.

Carrying Loot with your team

Each monster in your team can carry a few loads of treasures at a time. Each time by wandering between your camp and the treasure area you have to drop it at your base camp. Giant monsters can carry more loads if you have big monsters in your team then it is not a problem you can carry all loads in a few minutes before your return to the nearest train station and unload all the treasure.

This treasure hunting continues moving back and forth to our base camp. Soon our haul collection increases there is a possible danger of rival gangs killing us or trying to pillage our base camp. Particularly when I finally developed muscle memory for the combat in Dragon Quest Treasure.


Monsters in your team will fight their own while Erik and mia will melee attack enemies as they are assigned slingshots to attack the enemies. These slingshots produce pellets through which you can attack your enemies and heal your monsters and buff them up.

I like Treasures because it gives me options for how to handle a situation and makes it easy to defeat higher-level enemies with just a little planning. Some of the pellets you unlock can knock out or stun monsters in the field, allowing you to sneak around them and steal their treasure without getting hit. Now, the monster squad’s AI will frequently wake sleeping enemies, but usually only if they are of the same level or lower. The feature that teleports stuck monsters to your side would be nice if it worked more effectively. Your monsters may also get stuck behind barriers. But I can deal with that problem. The Snarl is one disappointment that is harder to overlook.

One of the Orc monsters you recruit will break through a structure called the Snarl at your base camp. They open portals to new areas that you must complete finding hints regarding the Dragon Stones as they dig down. One of my least favorite aspects of role-playing games is arguably the fact that these areas consist solely of a series of challenge rooms. The beast lairs you find all through the world are something very similar, and keeping in mind that those caves are discretionary except if you’re going for 100 percent culmination, opening the full degree of the Growl is compulsory to own the story to its decision.

The Verdict

Well, Dragon Quest treasures is an amazing adventure-action RPG series. The duo of two cutest siblings eric and mia is quite a big shot, that’s a supporting part of the game. Finding treasures, challenging tasks, and fighting with rival monsters and gang members Is quite a thrill. I found this game quite fascinating I could spend hours playing it and it is the ideal game for those long winter nights.


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