The biggest 3rd party game pass launch of 2022 is here, which is known as high on life. High on Life is available as part of the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows platforms.

The big news for the game fans is that this game creation has become the biggest launch of 2022 and has made a number of new records followed by talking guns co-created by rick and Morty powered by squanch games.

It is a single-player shooting game with a charismatic talking gun.


High on life is the game that revolves around a guy who is in conflict with an alien conflict who found out that humans are used as drugs. You have got an astonishing talking gun that acts as your accomplice in this game. This is totally fun and thrilling game full of humor.


Many thanks to the Xbox who are in the fight with us against the alien cartel. It has already millions of followers and still, and thousands are still counting. You can grab your hands on this game as it’s already out for windows, Xbox One, and Xbox X Xbox S. Enjoy your winter with this launch of the biggest 3rd party game pass


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