Players of Helldivers 2 have found an amazing bug that stops them from incurring fall damage, and Arrowhead’s new CEO wants it to remain that way.

According to Redditor Chunke-Funke-Monke, emoting in Helldivers 2 lessens fall damage. You can indeed lessen the damage you would normally take and survive by performing an emote when you are falling from a height from which you would ordinarily die.

The explanation for this phenomenon is that Helldivers 2 uses the same physics model for fall damage as it does for other types of damage; that is, it calculates the part of your body that has struck the ground and applies damage appropriately. This makes sense—you could survive a blow to the head, but not a blow to your butt. Helldivers 2 does not allow you to change your orientation while falling through the air, but if you emote while doing so, you force your character model to reposition into the emote pose, changing the part of you that hits the ground first.

In a game where explosions frequently send your Helldiver hurtling across the map, this is genuinely helpful. Thus, employing emotes to stop fall damage is the new trend in Helldivers 2. That is a turn of events Super Earth did not anticipate.

Though it is unlikely that this was intended gameplay, you would think Arrowhead would want to patch it out. However, recently appointed CEO Shams Jorjani, who took over for former CEO and current chief creative officer Johan Pilestedt, tweeted in favor of keeping it in place.

A more realistic mechanism that allows players to lessen fall damage in-universe could be preferable for Helldivers 2 in the long run, even though emotive free-falling is currently deserving of memes. Maybe you could use some specific armor, or equipment that provides you with a parachute or anything like. Another mechanic that might be added to Arrowhead’s extensive list of planned Helldivers 2 DLC.

Players of Helldivers 2 have discovered inadvertently emote gameplay before. Players soon realized that they could hug emote another player to share the shield if one Helldiver utilized the shield generator pack to defend against explosive damage after the PC and PlayStation 5 co-op shooter released earlier this year. Complete!

At 12 weeks, Helldivers 2 has sold an astounding 12 million copies, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation game ever. Amid Helldivers 2’s enormous financial success, Arrowhead has experienced some setbacks, such as launch server issues and a legal dispute with Sony over the latter’s contentious attempt to compel Steam users to link their accounts to the PlayStation Network.

Arrowhead recently said it was in the process of establishing the studio so it could “make more and better stuff” in the long term. In an initial post on Reddit, Jorjani claimed the studio has had to react to the great popularity Helldivers 2 has brought to the company.


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